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Tencent America - Tencent AI Lab (Bellevue, WA, USA)

  • Research Intern (May 2022 - Aug 2022)
  • Multi-Channel Audio-visual Speaker Diarization
  • Mentored by Dr. Shi-Xiong Zhang

Bytedance / Tiktok - Speech, Audio & Music Intelligence (Mountain View, CA, USA)

  • Research Intern (May 2021 - Aug 2021)
  • Audio-visual Active Speaker Detection
  • Mentored by Dr. Ming Tu

Tencent - Tencent Media Lab (Shenzhen, Guangdong, China)

  • Research Intern (Jun 2019 - Aug 2019)
  • Perceptual Loss Design for Mask-based Speech Enhancement
  • Mentored by Dr. Yannan Wang - Level4 Urban Autonomous Driving (Suzhou, Jiangsu, China)

  • R&D Intern (Mar 2019 - Jun 2019)
  • Vehicle Behavioral Prediction with Urban Vehicle Trajectory Data
  • Mentored by Sen Tian and Dr. Jie Chen


Teaching Assistant

Fall 2022 ECE 440 Introduction to Random Processes

Spring 2022 ECE 208/408 The Art of Machine Learning (Also gave a guest lecture)

Spring 2021 ECE 272/472 Audio Signal Processing

Fall 2020 ECE 477 Computer Audition (Also gave a guest lecture)

Spring 2020 ECE 272/472 Audio Signal Processing

Fall 2019 ECE 216 Microprocessor & Data Conversion

Students Mentored

Yongyi (Colin) Zang, Audio & Music Engineering Undergrad@UR

Siwen (Sivan) Ding, Data Science Master@Columbia

Abudukelimu Wuerkaixi, PhD student@Tsinghua

Xinhui Chen, Computer Science Master@UR, Next Move: PhD student@Lehigh



  • Audio Engineering Society (AES) 152nd, 153rd Convention

  • IEEE Transactions on Computational Imaging (TCI)

  • International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering Systems (IJECES)

  • Imaging Science Journal