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Preprints (In submission)

[3] You Zhang, Yuxiang Wang, and Zhiyao Duan, HRTF Field: Unifying Measured HRTF Magnitude Representation with Neural Fields, accepted by ICASSP 2023. <arXiv> <code>

[2] Siwen Ding, You Zhang, and Zhiyao Duan, SAMO: Speaker Attractor Multi-Center One-Class Learning for Voice Anti-Spoofing, accepted by ICASSP 2023. <arXiv> <code>

[1] Yuxiang Wang, You Zhang, Zhiyao Duan, and Mark Bocko, Predicting Global Head-Related Transfer Functions From Scanned Head Geometry Using Deep Learning and Compact Representations, 2022. <arXiv> <code>

Book Chapters

[1] You Zhang, Fei Jiang, Ge Zhu, Xinhui Chen, and Zhiyao Duan, Generalizing Voice Presentation Attack Detection to Unseen Synthetic Attacks and Channel Variation, Marcel, S., Fierrez, J., Evans, N. (eds) Handbook of Biometric Anti-Spoofing. Advances in Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. Springer, Singapore, 2023. <link> <code>


[2] Sefik Emre Eskimez, You Zhang, and Zhiyao Duan, Speech Driven Talking Face Generation From a Single Image and an Emotion Condition, IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, vol. 24, pp. 3480-3490, 2022. <link> <arXiv> <code> <project>

[1] You Zhang, Fei Jiang, and Zhiyao Duan, One-Class Learning Towards Synthetic Voice Spoofing Detection, IEEE Signal Processing Letters, vol. 28, pp. 937-941, 2021. <link> <arXiv> <code> <poster> <slides> <video> <project>

Conferences and Workshops

[6] Abudukelimu Wuerkaixi, Kunda Yan, You Zhang, Zhiyao Duan, and Changshui Zhang, DyViSE: Dynamic Vision-Guided Speaker Embedding for Audio-Visual Speaker Diarization, in Proc. IEEE 24th International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing (MMSP), 2022, pp. 1-6. <link> <pdf> <code>

[5] Abudukelimu Wuerkaixi, You Zhang, Zhiyao Duan, and Changshui Zhang, Rethinking Audio-Visual Synchronization for Active Speaker Detection, in Proc. IEEE 32nd International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing (MLSP), 2022, pp. 01-06. <link> <pdf> <code>

[4] You Zhang, Ge Zhu, and Zhiyao Duan, A Probabilistic Fusion Framework for Spoofing Aware Speaker Verification, in Proc. The Speaker and Language Recognition Workshop (Odyssey), 2022, pp. 77-84. <link> <pdf> <code> <video> <slides>

[3] Xinhui Chen*, You Zhang*, Ge Zhu*, and Zhiyao Duan, UR Channel-Robust Synthetic Speech Detection System for ASVspoof 2021, in Proc. 2021 Edition of the Automatic Speaker Verification and Spoofing Countermeasures Challenge Workshop (ASVspoof), 2021, pp. 75-82. (* equal contribution) <link> <pdf> <code> <video>

[2] Yuxiang Wang, You Zhang, Zhiyao Duan, and Mark Bocko, Global HRTF Personalization Using Anthropometric Measures, in Audio Engineering Society 150th Convention, 2021. <link> <pdf> <code>

[1] You Zhang, Ge Zhu, Fei Jiang, and Zhiyao Duan, An Empirical Study on Channel Effects for Synthetic Voice Spoofing Countermeasure Systems, in Proc. Interspeech, 2021, pp. 4309-4313. <link> <pdf> <code> <video> <slides>